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Cross Border Daylilies
Spring 2012 
Cross Border Daylilies
Stamile Daylilies
Spring 2016
Shake it Up, Daylily

 Floyd Cove Nursery
Fall 2015
Floyd Cove Nursery
Heavenly Gardens
Spring 2015

The Dentist

* 2012 Spring Intros. *
Should have 2016 Intros.,
complete Price Changes (significant drop)

General Listing up soon!

* 2016 Spring Intros. *
 Updated October 2015

Grace has new minis available!

* 2015 Fall Intros. *
 Updated September 2015
* 2015 Spring Intros. - *
Updated December 2015

Kinnebrew Daylilies
Spring 2015
Spacecoast Hard Target
Bonibrae Daylilies
Spring 2015
Bonibrae Sharky
Small World Gardens, Michael Miller
Spring 2016
Small World Gardens
Bluegrass Daylilies
2015 Pricing is here!
Bluegrass Daylilies

* 2015 Introductions*
Updated December 2015
* 2015 Introductions*
Updated February, 2015
* 2016 Introductions*
Updating October 2015
Waiting on 5 Images 10/10/15
* Bluegrass Daylilies*
Updated January 2015
Daredevil Daylilies
Spring 2015

Daredevil Daylilies, Linda Michaels
Garden Perennials
2015 Pricing is here!
Garden Perennials

Simonton Bridge Daylilies
2012 Pricing is here!
Chevron Spider Seedling
J. Corbett Daylilies
Spring 2011
Pele's Tears
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Updated for 2015
* Garden Perennials*
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* Simonton Bridge Daylilies*
Updated January 2012
* 2011 Spring Intros. *
Updated April 2011
Daylily Mecca !Florida Mecca 2016!

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Coming soon a detailed map of all the Florida Daylily Nurseries!
Daylily Mecca

Charlotte's Daylily Diary
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The Canadian-American Daylily Meeting
The International Daylily Symposium
Reunion 2017!
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 Canadian Hemerocallis Society
The Canadian Hemerocallis Society
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Canadian Hemerocallis Society 
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