Open gardens all day on Friday, Saturday and Sunday:

Art Gallery Gardens, Luddy and Rachel Lambertson
Cross Border Daylilies, John Peat
Floyd Cove Nursery, Guy & Karen Pierce
Kinnebrew Daylily Gardens, John Kinnebrew & Jamie Gossard
Ladybug Nursery, Dan Hansen
Nicole's Daylilies, Nicole DeVito
Pete Harry Daylilies, Pete & Rossen Harry
Precious Petals, Tony and Susie Thompson

Reilly Daylily Gardens, Pina Reilly
Rolling Wood Gardens, Jeff & Elizabeth Salter
Water Mill Gardens, Dan and Jane Trimmer

It's free! -  Meet the Hybridizers!

Friday May 12 - Sunday May 14, 2017

° Open at 8:30 AM: Sixth Annual Breakfast in the Garden
   at Nicole's Daylilies.

° Peter Harry Daylilies, Mimosas, pastries and light refreshments
  7am - 2pm Friday, Saturday & Sunday.

° Reilly Daylilies, Floyd Cove Nursery, Water Mill Gardens,
   Art Gallery Gardens. Open each day from 7am - 2pm.

° Open at 8:00 AM Mecca Fiesta and refreshments and snacks
   hosted at Cross Border Daylilies and Precious Petals, Orange
   Lake, FL

° Nearby open gardens (North Florida) Pat Hawk, Rollingwood
   Gardens, Le Petit Jardin.

° Nearby open gardens (Middle Florida) Ladybug Nursery,
   Kinnebrew Daylilies.

Experience the ultimate peak bloom

For more information contact:
Nicole Harry-DeVito
(352) 589-6698
Tony Thompson
(256) 652-6997

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Florida Daylily Mecca 2017
A fantastic vacation Daylily Mecca vacation for anyone addicted to daylilies.