Can-Am Niagara
The Canadian-American Daylily Symposium 2011
(Can-Am Niagara Meeting)
Celebrating our 15th year!
Can_Am Niagara
Can-Am Niagara Meeting
Committee Members
John Peat, Chairman
Pam Erikson, Vice Chairman
Tony Thompson, Vice Chairman
Margaret Goode, Secretary
Patrick Stamile, Director
Grace Stamile, Director
Jamie Gossard, Director
Abraham Vanegas, Director

Committee Chairs & Others,

Barry Matthie, Chinese Auction
Darlene Somers, Plant Sales
Paul Limmer, Auctioneer
John P. Peat, Auctioneer
Keith Somers, Reporter
Reggie Morgan, Registration Desk
Events Information 2011
AHS National Meeting 2011

Canada Blooms 2011

CHS Fall Extravaganza 2011

Midwest Hybridizers Meeting

Affiliate Club Memberships
Canadian Hemerocallis Society

Club membership dues are $25/Cdn. per year. Send your cheque to:

Canadian Hemerocallis Society
16 Douville Court
Toronto, ON M5A 4E7

American Hemerocallis Society

Membership dues are $25 US per year. Send your check to:

Pat Mercer
AHS Executive Secretary
Department WWW
P.O. Box 10
Dexter, Georgia 31019

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Canadian Clubs
Aldergrove Daylily Society
Association des Amateurs d’Hémérocalles de la Région de Québec
Canadian-American Daylily Club
Nova Scotia Daylily Society
Ontario Daylily Society
Société Québécoise des Hostas et des Hémérocalles
A.H.S. American Hemerocallis Society
AHS Region 1
(Iowa, Manitoba, Minnesota, Newbraska, North Dakota, South Dakota)
AHS Region 2
(Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin)
AHS Region 3
(Delaware, D.C., Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia)
AHS Region 4
(North Eastern U.S. & Eastern Canada)
AHS Region 5
AHS Region 6
(New Mexico and Texas)
AHS Region 7
(Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada)
AHS Region 8
(Alaska, British Columbia, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Oregon, Washington, The Yukon Territory)
AHS Region 9
(Alberta, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Saskatchewan, Utah, Wyoming)
AHS Region 10
(Kentucky, Tennessee)
AHS Region 11
(Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma)
AHS Region 12
AHS Region 13
(Arkansas, Louisiana)
AHS Region 14
(Alabama, Mississippi)
AHS Region 15
(North Carolina & South Carolina)

North American Events
Event Calendar Coming Soon
Club Links coming soon

Community Gardens
Metro Toronto Zoo
Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens
Royal Botanical Gardens
Toronto Botanical Gardens
Beausejour Daylily Gardens

Record Breaking Daylilies

'Nine Point Five' (Petit)
Commanded $7,500
Lake Tahoe International Meeting 2008

'Smith Seedling'
'Dorothy Mae Kent' (Smith, Sdlg.)
Commanded $1,200
Can-Am Niagara Auction 2006

Important News Updates & Information

John Peat
The Chairman's Letter Can-Am 2011

Deadline! Deadline! Deadline!

Acceptance Mark Now accepting PayPal for registrations, please e-mail PayPal registrations using the Meeting E-mail address:
Registrations received prior to January 31st, 2011 will be entered into a raffle for the following prizes.

1st prize 6 pack of newer Intros from Heavenly Gardens
This is a selection of famous Jamie Gossard northern hardy daylilies.
Value approx. $500

2nd Prize was the Bold & Complex Eyed Six Pack!
This is a selection of 6 eyed daylilies that were introduced within the last 3 years
(our choice).
Value approx. $500

3rd Prize is the Striking Edge Six Pack!
This was a selection of 6 edged daylilies (toothy or gold) that were introduced within the last 3 years (our choice).
Value approx. $500

4th Prize is the Barry Matthie Daylily Selection!
This prize consisted of 5 Recent Bonibrae Daylily Introductions by Barry Matthie. See his Introductions at: . Value approx. $500

5th Prize is the Precious Made Blue Bird House!
Handmade by our infamous Tony 'Precious" Thompson! The artwork is done by Ms. Susie "Priceless" Thompson, the art is painstakingly burned into the side of the Blue Bird House with a theme of daylilies of course.
Value $100

Registration must be received by the cut-off date of January 31st, 2011 to be qualified for the drawing in March 2011. Then the entries will be drawn from those registrations post marked the 20th of January or earlier.

Deadline! Deadline! Deadline!

US Passport & Enhanced Drivers License Requirements - 2009; click here for complete information.

     All U.S. citizens including children must present a passport or other approved travel document when entering the United States by air. U.S. citizens can present a passport, NEXUS card at airports with NEXUS kiosks, U.S. military ID with travel orders, or a U.S. Merchant Mariner Document when on official business. 

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     U.S. citizens entering the United States at sea or land ports of entry are required to have documents that comply with the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI), most commonly a U.S. passport, a passport card, a trusted traveler card such as NEXUS, SENTRI or FAST, or an enhanced driver's license.

The most exciting and entertaining Daylily Event on the circuit!
Don't miss out on this amazing combination of terrific speakers, incredible entertainment and social events.

!We've MOVED hotels!

Sheraton on the Falls
5875 Falls Avenue
Niagara Falls, ON  L2E 6W7

We have moved hotels this year, we are back at  Sheraton on the Falls right on the main drag.  This is the ideal location if your bringing your family, a short 3 minute walk and you are at all the famous Wax Museums and other attractions the falls has to offer.

For reservations call 905-374-4445 · 1-888-229-9961  Mention the Canadian American Daylily Symposium for the negotiated rate of $79 Cdn per night ($109 on Saturday). Fallsview rooms are $119 Cdn  per night ($149 on Saturday).

  • Link to Hotel WebPages; click here

  • Meet the Steering Committee; click here

  • Registration Form; click here

  • Symposium Schedule for 2011
    Thursday, March 24, 2011
    12:00n - 6:00p Optional Tours, Niagara School of Horticulture, Niagara Butterfly Conservatory, Niagara Floral Clock, Niagara Green Houses.

    6:00pm Group dinners.

    8:00pm Hospitality Room - Setup of Registration packages, organizing of plants and social time. Viewing of the Light Show on Niagara Falls. We have a balcony this year!
    Friday March 25, 2011
    8:30a - 10:00p Registration, Chinese Auction Ticket Sales,  Speakers, Tours, etc. etc.

    9:00am - 12:00n
    Speakers Presentations

    The Speakers for Friday:

    John Peat, ON; Mike Holmes, OH; Mark Carpenter, TX;
    Charles & Heidi Douglas, SC; Barry Matthie, ON; Keith Somers, ON.

    12:00n 3 course plated lunch - 2011 Introductions Presentation

    Speakers cont.
    Live Auction #1

    Champagne and Caviar Food Festival, hospitality suite.

    6:30p Off to the Casino Buffet for dinner (pay your own way)
    Saturday, March 26, 2011
    8:30a - 3:00p Registration continued, Chinese Auction Ticket Sales, Plant Sale Table (afternoon), Speakers, etc. etc.


    Tony Thompson, AL; Jamie Gossard, OH; Nicole Harry, FL;
    Malanie Vasssallo, NY; Margaret Goode, ON.

    3 Course plated lunch, 'World Futures Presentation'

    Live Auction #2

    Banquet , CHS Meritorious Awards Presentation.

    8:30p Hybridizers Presentations (open to all presenters in attendence)
    Sunday, March 27,  2011
    9:00a - Mick Morry, Avalonia Daylilies Futures

    10:30a Jamie Gossard, Daylily Culture to maximize performance and increase.


    Jamie Gossard, OH; Mick Morry, ON.
    Daylily Books
    Daylily Books
    New Color Encyclopdedia

    Books that are dedicated to or have plenty of information on Daylilies
    The New Color Encyclopedia of the Daylily
    - Ted L. Petit & John P. Peat
    The Daylily, A guide for Gardeners
    - John P. Peat & Ted L. Petit
    The Color Encyclopedia of the Daylily
    - Ted L. Petit & John P. Peat
    - Norman Track
    Hemerocallis, the Daylily
    - R.W. Munson Jr.
    The Delightful, Delicious Daylily
    - Peter Gail
    Daylilies Named After Club Members

    'John Peat'
    'John Peat' (Petit, 2002)

    'Lady Betty Fretz'
    'Lady Betty Fretz' (Petit, 2004)

    'Larry's Obsession'
    'Larry's Obsession' (Petit, 2006)

    'Vivacious Pam'
    'Vivacious Pam' (Peat, 2002)

    'Tony Thompson'
    'Tony Thompson' (Peat, 2006)

    'Susie Tee'
    'Susie Tee' (Petit, 2006)

    'Reggie Morgan'
    'Reggie Morgan' (Petit, 2008)

    'Dorothy Mae Kent'
    'Dorothy Mae Kent' (Smith, Sdlg.)
    The Speakers for 2011

    Heidi Douglas
    Record Breaking Daylilies

    'Carol Todd'
    'Carol Todd' (Trimmer, 2007)
    Commanded $3,200
    Can-Am Niagara Auction 2005

    'Larry's Obsession'
    'Larry's Obsession' (Petit, 2006)
    Commanded $6,300
    Can-Am Niagara Auction 2004

    'Alexa Kathryn'
    'Alexa Kathryn' (Kinnebrew, 2003)
    Commanded $3,800
    Can-Am Niagara Auction 2003

    'Lady Betty Fretz'
    'Lady Betty Fretz' (Petit, 2004)
    Commanded $4,200
    Can-Am Niagara Auction 2002
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