John Peat, Can-Am Niagara Daylily Meeting
Update January 2011 (the letter not the picture)

Dear attendee,

       I can’t believe we are in our 15th year and going as strong as ever. We are bringing back the Plant Sales Table on Saturday afternoon as many people like to buy the plants out right and are shy at the Live Auctions. Last year MEGA bargains were had at the Live Auctions, many of the plants went for 1/2 their actual value, which was great for attendees but not so great for the meeting - if you have plants that you can donate to the meeting we would love to here from you this year. We again will do the post card promises.

    They registrations have already started coming for those that want to be included in our raffle, which prompted me to do the final touches on the Web Pages. As far as I can tell the Web Pages are complete and up-to-date - so what you see is what you get. We are always adding as the meeting gets closer so visit the Web Pages from time to time to see if anything new is added.

    With respect to crossing the border, several States and Provinces now offer the ‘Enhanced Driver’s Licence’ as an accepted document to enter either the US or Canada. Please check with your local Department of Motor Vehicles if you don’t have a Passport so you can acquire your ‘Enhanced Drivers License’ prior to the meeting and your birthday.

    Please note too that we ask all attendees to stay at the Sheraton on the Falls Hotel during your stay in Niagara Falls.  This year we have been able to negotiate a lower room rate than in previous years ($79 Cdn., Cityview - $109 Saturday). We toured the entire falls area looking for a cheaper rate this year, however, even the dumpy motels are the same rate. The hotel charges an additional $3,000 in rent for the meeting room we use over the weekend if we don’t have attendees fill the minimum required number of room nights. If we have to pay this rental again this year we will have to up the registration fee by $40 next year, something we wish to avoid as this is a disincentive that may discourage our friends in daylilies from attending Can-Am Niagara’s in the future. We certainly don’t want to cut back on the number of speakers or perks that you receive coming to the meeting.

    Please book your time now to attend the 15th annual Canadian-American Daylily Meeting, we promise you will have fantastic and fun time. We only wish we could promise you great fortunes at Casino Niagara, but alas, no one attending, including members of the organizing committee, has gotten rich enough to retire to the Caribbean yet! We do have a raffle of several packages of Daylilies at the meeting for those who register by January 25th, 2011, so you may just win that.

Yours in daylilies,

John Peat

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