Bob Carr's Daylilies
9900 NW 115th Avenue, Ocala, FL 34482
Phone Number: (352) 629-3081

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Purchase Our Entire 2006 Spring Collection, 19 New Daylily Cultivars for $1,630.00. A 30% Savings. Collections are net - No bonus given.

Prior Introductions (All are tetraploids and at least dbl. fans.) We offer a 25% discount with orders of $600.00 or more. No gift plants with discounted orders.

Shipping:   U S Postal Service Priority Mail   (USA only)

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(All prices are US funds only, please.)
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List your choice of substitute plants:  FL clients, 6% sales tax
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 Priority Mail $8.00

Please enclose your order form & your check or money order, payable to "Bob Carr", for the GRAND TOTAL and mail both to us at the address above.

 Please print this order form out and send to the above address.