Canadian Hemerocallis Club
Club Officers
John Peat, President
Pam Erikson, Vice President
Margaret Goode, Secretary

Committee Chairs & Others,

Barry Matthie, Awards Chairman
Pam Erikson, Display Garden Chairman
John P. Peat, Journal Editor
Lanny Morry, Assistant Journal Editor
Keith Somers, Reporter
Reggie Morgan, Club Photographer
Events Information 2011
AHS National Meeting
Baton Rouge, LA - May 25 - 28, 2011

Canada Blooms
March 15th - 20th, 2011
Canadian-American Daylily Symposium
March 24th - 27th, Niagara Falls

Gardening Saturday Event - Manitoba March 26th, 2011

CHS Fall Extravaganza
September 10, 2011

Canadian Hemerocallis Society

Club membership dues are $25/Cdn. per year. Send your cheque to:

Canadian Hemerocallis Society
16 Douville Court
Toronto, ON M5A 4E7

American Hemerocallis Society

Membership dues are $25 US per year. Send your check to:

Pat Mercer
AHS Executive Secretary
Department WWW
P.O. Box 10
Dexter, Georgia 31019
Canadian Clubs
Aldergrove Daylily Society
Association des Amateurs d’Hémérocalles de la Région de Québec
Canadian-American Daylily Club
Nova Scotia Daylily Society
Ontario Daylily Society
Société Québécoise des Hostas et des Hémérocalles
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We are currently looking for a librarian.
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AHS Region 3
(Delaware, D.C., Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia)
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(New Mexico and Texas)
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(Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada)
AHS Region 8
(Alaska, British Columbia, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Oregon, Washington, The Yukon Territory)
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(North Carolina & South Carolina)
Club Member Sites
The Potting Shed
Bonibrae Daylilies
White House Perennials
Cross Border Daylilies
Gardens Plus Perrenials
Walnut Gardens
We're In The Hayfield Now Daylily Gardens
Thomagri Perennials

BX Creek Daylilies
Canyon Ridge Dayliliy Farm
North American Events
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From The President's Desk

  • The President's Letter - 2011 Letter coming soon; click here

  • 2011 FALL MEETING - SEPTEMBER 10TH, 2011 information coming soon; click here

  • Note: Recently (fall 2009) CFIA no longer requires you to fax your forms to a regional office, they have centralized the faxing of forms prior to entry into Canada through their Ottawa office (613) 221-3835 for questions.  The following link will take you to the correct forms and information needed to import plants to Canada from the U.S. Please note that you are required to fax a Phyto-Sanitary Certificate, an Invoice from the Garden where the plants originated and the Application for Permit to Import Plants that you are about to open. Fax all of three of these items to the number on the form, and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency will fax you back a pre-clearance to bring your plants to Canada.

  • Importing Plants from the U.S. to Canada?; click here

  • NEW! April 2010!

    The 2010 Season Meritorious Seedling Awards images are now online!  Place your vote by selecting what you think is the best  Full Formed or Unusual Form!

    There are two categories again this year, The Spider Unusual Form and The Full Formed Category. Each member is asked to vote for one cultivar in each of the two categories.

    All members are eligible to vote. Contact the Awards and Honors Chairman, Barry Matthie, or the President, John Peat, for methods of entry. See the rules at The Awards & Descriptions.

    Voting is simple:

    1) Decide on the cultivar you think is the best in each category.

    2) Click on the link near the bottom of the screen to cast your vote. You will be brought into your e-mail program and you simply type in the two cultivars by corresponding seedling number that you wish to vote for.

    3) Click the send button to cast your vote.

    Lanny Morry and John Peat will receive and tally your votes. The voting begins when the page is complete and will end on February 28, 2011

    The winners will be announced at the 2011 Canadian-American Daylily Symposium in Niagara Falls.

    Please vote, every vote counts.

    New Book Released November 2008!

    Click on the book covers to order.
    The New Encyclopedia of the Daylily

    By Ted L. Petit and John P. Peat
    It's no exaggeration to say that daylilies are the premier flowering perennial. From a handful of wild species belonging to the genus Hemerocallis, breeders have produced tens of thousands of hybrids in a dazzling array of colors, patterns, and shapes. Adding to their appeal is their hardiness, ease of care, and ability to combine well with other plants. With so many daylilies currently available, a pictorial guide to the best and most exciting cultivars is essential. More than 1700 daylilies — 1400 of them new to this edition — are illustrated in close-up, detailed photographs. Each photograph is accompanied by a comprehensive description that includes information on color, size, bloom season, and parentage. Also included are chapters on daylily physiology, the history of the genus, the history of daylily hybridizing, hybridization techniques, and cultivation. Peat and Petit have created an authoritative reference and essential resource for anyone — nursery professional, hybridizer, designer, or enthusiast — who wishes to explore the vast potential of these beautiful plants.

    Another Great Book !

    The Daylily, A Guide for Gardeners

    John Peat and Ted Petit have come to the rescue in this authoritative overview of all aspects of daylily history, cultivation, and breeding. Inspired by R. W. Munson Jr.'s classic treatment, Hemerocallis, they fully describe the history of the modern daylily. In the heart of the book, they detail the various types of hybrids and provide indispensable advice for growing all of them well. More than 200 beautiful color photographs and illustrations round out the work. Click on the book cover, to order your copy now!

    More Announcements

  • Garden Judges Deadline
    September 1, 2011 is the deadline for all Garden Judges to send in their ballots for the AHS Awards and Honors!

  • Events Schedule 2011
    March 24 - March 27, 2011
    Canadian-American Daylily Symposium, Niagara Falls, Ontario
    May 27 - May 29, 2011
    AHS National Meeting, Valdosta, GA
    July 18, 2011
    Potluck Picnic & Pool Party at Bonibrae Daylilies, Bloomfield, ON
    Chef Abraham, who catered the Fall 2009 Extravaganza will be cooking!
    July - August 2011
    Open gardens of club members
    List of gardens to be distributed to members
    September 1, 2011
    Popularity Poll Deadline! Don't forget to send in your Ballot!
    September 11, 2011
    Fall Extravaganza Windmill Line Co-Op, Downtown Toronto
    catering by Abraham Vanegas, same great Chef as last year! Speakers:
    Speakers to be announced
    January 15, 2011
    Canadian-American Daylily Symposium, planning meeting and potluck luncheon
    November, 2011
    December, 2011

    Daylily Books Members with Catalogues
    Books that are dedicated to or have plenty of information on Daylilies
    The Daylily, A guide for Gardeners
    - John P. Peat & Ted L. Petit
    The Color Encyclopedia of the Daylily
    - Ted L. Petit & John P. Peat
    - Norman Track
    Hemerocallis, the Daylily
    - R.W. Munson Jr.
    The Delightful, Delicious Daylily
    - Peter Gail
    These gardens also enjoy having visitors, always call ahead!
    Cross Border Daylilies
    Erikson's Daylilies
    Gardens Plus

    The Potting Shed
    We're In The Hayfield Now Daylily Gardens
    Daylilies Named After Club Members

    'John Peat'
    'John Peat' (Petit, 2002)

    'Lady Betty Fretz'
    'Lady Betty Fretz' (Petit, 2004)

    'Larry's Obsession'
    'Larry's Obsession' (Petit, 2006)

    'Vivacious Pam'
    'Vivacious Pam' (Peat, 2002)

    'Tony Thompson'
    'Tony Thompson' (Peat, 2006)

    'Susie Tee'
    'Susie Tee' (Petit, 2006)

    'Reggie Morgan'
    'Reggie Morgan' (Petit, 2008)

    'Dorothy Mae Kent'
    'Dorothy Mae Kent' (Smith, Sdlg.)

    'Lanny Morry'
    'Lanny Morry' (Reilly, '07)

    Club Hybridizers

    'Larry's Obsession'
    'Larry's Obsession' (Petit, 2006)

    Barbara Allen
    Pat Barr
    Larry Barr
    Sandra-Lea Hardy-Burkitt
    Jeff Corbett
    George Doorakian
    Pam Erikson
    Mike Holmes
    Jamie Gossard
    Jack Kent
    Jean Louis LeClerc
    Michel Lévesque
    Henry Lorrain
    Barry Matthie
    Reggie Morgan
    Lanny Morry
    Mick Morry
    Jennifer Patterson
    John P. Peat
    Louise Ramsay
    Hans Schindler
    Pam Snider
    Darlene Somers
    Keith Somers
    Grace Stamile
    Patrick Stamile
    Susie Thompson
    Tony Thompson
    Roland Tremblay
    Shirley Tyderkie

    Record Breaking Daylilies

    'Petit Seedling'
    'Nine Point Five' (Petit,'10)
    Commanded $7,500 Lake Tahoe Internation Daylily Symposium 2008

    'Dorothy Mae Kent'
    'Dorothy Mae Kent' (Smith, Sdlg.)
    Commanded $1,200 Canadian American Daylily Symposium 2006

    'Carol Todd'
    'Carol Todd' (Trimmer, Future)
    Commanded $3,200 Can-Am Niagara Auction 2005

    'Larry's Obsession'
    'Larry's Obsession' (Petit, 2006)
    Commanded $6,300 Can-Am Niagara Auction 2004

    'Alexa Kathryn'
    'Alexa Kathryn' (Kinnebrew, 2003)
    Commanded $3,800 Can-Am Niagara Auction 2003

    'Lady Betty Fretz'
    'Lady Betty Fretz' (Petit, 2004)
    Commanded $4,200 Can-Am Niagara Auction 2002
    Community Gardens
    Metro Toronto Zoo
    Niagara Parks Botanical Gardens
    Royal Botanical Gardens
    Toronto Botanical Gardens
    Canadian Display Gardens
    How to become a display garden.
    Beausejour Daylily Gardens
    Erikson's Daylily Gardens
    Gardens Plus Daylilies & Hostas
    Kilmalu Farms Daylily Nursery
    Floral and Hardy Daylily Nursery
    Redlane Gardens
    BX Creek Daylilies
    Awards & Honors
    The Awards & Descriptions

    Achievement in Hybridizing Awards
    Meritorious Seedling Awards 2004
    Meritorious Seedling Awards 2003
    Newsletter Awards
    Outstanding Daylily Cultivar Awards
    Photography Awards
    Service Awards
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