The Aldergrove Daylily Society was founded in 1991 by Pam Erikson of Langley, B.C.  Much research was done for months beforehand trying to find a local daylily club to quench Pam's desire to learn more!  When no such clubs were found, Pam started a vigorous advertising campaign in local magazines and newspapers to find others who were as in love with daylilies as she was!

    Over the years, the club has grown to encompass members from all across Canada.  The Aldergrove Daylily Society was the first AHS affiliated club in Canada; Pam was the first Canadian judge in the AHS; and Erikson's Daylily Gardens became the first AHS display garden in Canada.  The club holds meetings monthly from February to October; a Christmas party in December; their annual fundraising show in July; and every four years the club hosts the AHS Region 8 meeting.   Pam was deeply involved in getting the regions within the AHS restructured in order for British Columbia to become part of Region 8, and in 1997 the Aldergrove Daylily Society became the first club outside of the United States to host an AHS regional meeting.  Pam continues to be the president of the club, in addition to being Vice-President of the later-formed Canadian Hemerocallis Society and the Vice-Chair of the CanAm Daylily Meeting, held each year in Niagara Falls, Ontario.

    In 1996, the Aldergrove Daylily Society donated plants to the VanDusen Botanical Garden in Vancouver, B.C.  These plants were put into a special area of the garden, complete with accurate signage.  The plants have matured into a wonderful size and fill the whole area, on both sides of a lovely creek up by the Meconopsis Dell within the gardens.  To view this display, visit VanDusen Botanical Garden at 5251 - Oak St., Vancouver, B.C.

    The Aldergrove Daylily Society fundraiser for 2010 will be a Chinese Auction with top-named new hybrids up for grabs!  This event will be held at the Erikson's Daylily Gardens Open House on July 3th and 4th, 2010.

    Warning!  Our monthly meetings are gastronomic experiences!  We move the meetings between members homes each month in order to have a garden tour
and talk as part of our meetings - this is followed by a bevy of fabulous treats and upcoming at our March 2010 meeting - a taste testing of fine liqueurs!  Our meetings are fun and quite decadent - our membership is always smiling!  So if you love daylilies, good company, great food and lots of fun, come join us - we love to meet new victims!

    Dues for the Aldergrove Daylily Society are $10 per year; $15 for a family.  Newsletters are now electronically sent to members on a quarterly basis. Contacts for the club are:

Pam Erikson, President
Erikson's Daylily Gardens
24642 - 51 Ave.,
Langley, B.C. Canada
V2Z 1H9
Phone: 604-856-5758

Randal Jalbert, Secretary
22771 - 38 Ave.,
Langley, B.C. Canada
V2Z 2G9