Fall 2010 Extravaganza  -  Registration Form

City, Prov. / State: 
Postal Code:
Telephone Number:
E-mail Address:
Enclosed is registrations(s) for ____ people, Please note we prefer cheques over credit cards as the club saves about 3-4% when we don't use credit cards.

at [ ]$50 Cdn

Total Enclosed $ __________

Registration includes morning coffee or tea and buffet lunch.
Send Check or Money order to: 

(Made Payable to Canadian Hemerocallis Society

John P. Peat, President
Canadian Hemerocallis Society
16 Douville Court
Toronto, ON M5A 4E7

If paying by Visa, Mastercard or American Express: 
Full Name on Card: 
Card Number:
Expiration Date:
 Fax your registration to: 416-861-9300

Please list the plants that you will be donating to the Chinese Auction, Live Auction or Plant Sale Tables. They don't have to be Daylilies, any type of plant will do!

Plant Name (Hybridizer)
Number of Plants