Meritorious Seedling Award
Spider #1
Spider #2
Spdier #3
Spdier #4
Spider/Unusual Form 1
Spider/Unusual Form 2
Spider/Unusual Form 3
Spider/Unusual Form 4
Spider #5

Full Formed #1
Full Formed #2
Spider/Unusual Form 5

Full Formed 1 
Full Formed 2
Full Formed #3
Full Formed #4
Full Formed #5
Full Formed #6
Full Formed 3
Full Formed 4
Full Formed 5
Full Formed 6
    All members of the Canadian Hemerocallis Society are eligible to vote for the Meritorious Seedling Award 2005. The above twelve seedlings in two categories were selected by the members present at the CHS Winter Get Together.

    To cast your vote, please vote for one seedling in each of the categories above by number. Your vote will be sent to all of the tabulators:

Click here to cast your vote, be sure to sign your full name and snail mail address at the bottom of your E-mail message!

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