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Daylily Cultivar Gallery

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Display Peat, J.
A very large cream flower with a faint pink to violet overcast, with a darker violet cream pink eyezone surrounding a bluish burgundy band bleeding in toward the green throat. A quarter-inch bluish burgundy picotee circles the super wide petals  surrounded by a gold edge of equal width. The fascinating and most alluring aspect of this flower is not only its sheer size with wide overlapping petals, but it always carries heavy, heavy looping ruffled edges. Luckily 'REYNA' has proved to be a super fertile pollen and pod parent, stopping many a fight over her pollen. 'REYNA' stamps all of her prodigy with her her very wide petals and 7-8 inch flowers on vigorous growing plants. She can be used with virtually any other colored parent to produce wonderful children. Named after the manager of our garden, for whom we hold the utmost respect for, this flower is deserving of the name 'REYNA'.
25X7.5 SEv T

Reyna, Daylily

'Big Blue' X 'Elusive Dream' - M., Re., Fr., 30+ buds, 4 - 5 way branching.

Awards: HM 2006
Photo Credit: John Peat