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John's Puppy Gallery

This gallery is setup for you to get to know a little about John and all his Dog Pals.

Peanut Napping
John & Peanut Napping
Peanut Nesting
Peanut Nesting with babies.
Peanut & Ducky
Peanut and her Ducky


Dogs we walk everyday!
Mr. Caesar
RIP Mr. Ceaser - he died of Old Age after returning home to Wisconsin.
Mr. Charlie going to the Beach.
Charlie & John
Charlie Giving Kisses.
Charlie & Todd
Todd trying to drive, Charlie looking at him as if to say:
"what are you doing, dude?"

Rudy & Todd
Rudy & Todd digging in the Dirt Pile!
 Homer Wall E 
Homer hanging out at daycare!
Wall E waiting to go the beach!
Jack & Samson
Big Jack
RIP Jack & Quinn, you old dudes are missed.
Big Jack, way over protective on the pack
 but a real sweet heart once he knows the dogs.

Rudy loves the water!  Rudy just wants to jump in all year round! 
Parker & Rudy
Lila giving kisses in the car!
Parker and Rudy riding on the back of the back seats,
much better view from there, I guess!
More dog images to come and other adventures with John.