Almost An Angel
Almost  An Angel

ALMOST AN ANGEL (Stamile,G.) Dip.  D342 [(D20-8 x Little By Little) X (Cute As A Button x Cute As Can Be)] 16” MRe. SEv. 2 ½”. 4-way branching. 22 buds. Double 80%.  As you can tell from the size listed above or from closely looking at the image, this is one small daylily. Even the much smaller than normal anthers and stigma appear huge. This daylily is also as much about color and form as it is about size. ALMOST AN ANGEL is a pale pink with a bold red eye almost equally shown on both the petals and sepals (unusual in daylilies). Lovely arching foliage adds to its charm.

    It gets its name because it is almost always a double but will single especially early in the season. Either single or double this is a very cute and distinctive daylily.

    As in any of Grace’s daylilies think of this in a pot on the patio or deck, in the rock garden, edging for the perennial border, bringing down the scale of the daylily bed or best yet in your own mini daylily bed. Fertile both ways.