Broadway Diva

*BROADWAY DIVA (Stamile,G.) TET T313A {Broadway Doll X [(Awesome Candy x Panther Eyes) x Broadway Dazzler]} 16” EMRe. SEv. 3”.  4-way branching. 24-26 buds.

    Grace has begun to put full colored borders on her eyed tets and these little gems are approaching the sophistication and color diversity of the large flowers. This has been no easy task for while the large flowered grower can tolerate tall spiky foliage or broad wide horsy foliage, the mini grower can have none of it. The foliage must be in proportion to the size of the flower so Grace must breed for grassy type foliage. Moreover, because she breeds for dwarf miniatures her foliage must be low and arching so the flowers are presented above the leaves. She will deliberately go through my seedling fields looking for “foliage” plants she can bring into her program. She did this successfully with my (Awesome Candy x Panther Eyes) and (Mister Lucky x Awesome Candy) seedlings to bring new genes into her lines.

    BROADWAY DIVA is a delightful cream yellow with a bold burgundy eye and edge. It is a great little tetraploid. Fertile both ways.