Child of Atlantis, Daylily
Child of Atlantis

CHILD OF ATLANTIS (Stamile G.) DIP  D930-D  23”, 3", SEV, Mre, emo, 5 way branching, 35 buds, low arching foliage.

CHILD OF ATLANTIS is hands down the most beautiful mini I have ever seen.   The full round ruffled face looks back at you with the most breathtaking true blue eyes.  What is even more mesmerizing is how the green throat blends into the blue in the big eye, and I’m talking some serious green.  CHILD OF ATLANTAS is also a bi tone with light lavender pink petals, darker veining with a large powder blue eye outlined in raspberry.  Standing taller than most of our miniatures, CHILD OF ATLANTIS is the Bee’s Knees for not only the mini lover but the blue eye daylily folk as well.  Very Limited