From Heaven for Helen, Daylily
Helen Olga's Friend

*From Heaven for Helen

*FROM HEAVEN FOR HELEN – Pierce G.  404-b  (Lake Champagne x Tet Rose F. Kennedy) x (Staying Alive x Tet Rose F. Kennedy)  SEV, M, 34” high, 9 – 9.75” flower, 6 way branching, 30-35 buds

One of our customers in the Ukraine, has a friend whose husband was killed some time back in this continuing and ridiculous Boarder War between Russia and the Ukraine.  He was driving a fuel truck and was an easy target.  I am helping the widow - Helen and her children!  If you are grateful to live in Freedom in America.  If you have the kind of heart that wants to love, to help, to give.  This is your chance to help us, help Helen.  From her Good Christian friend Olga, and from Heaven above – Please!!!

Helen is now ill, and has nothing, in the way that we have here in this country, for assistance.  There is so much more.  This is easily a $150.00 Daylily, but I would like the volume sales, as every $10 goes to Helen, and EVERYTHING ELSE YOU WOULD LIKE TO DONATE, I PROMISE WILL GO TO THIS FAMILY.  We are matching any generous gifts and sales.  Smiles…

Deep rose pink, watermark, 8” Huge green diamond dusted throat, double edge of Ruffled white and spiky green, Very fragrant, Flat face, DOUBLE SUBSTANCE!!!  *Extreme Diamond Dusting.  Low arching foliage.  I have never lost a plant!  Pod & Pollen Fertile .