No Words, Daylily

*No Words

*NO WORDS - Pierce G. 480 – ao (Bluegrass Shadows x Tet Rose F. Kennedy) x (Applique Seedling x Tet Rose F. Kennedy) Dor- SEV, EM, 33” high, 8 – 8.25” flower, 4 way branching V to P, 20-25 buds.

HUGE, Flat purple, cobalt/ violet/ blue watermark!!! High luminous 75% green throat, ***Thick like Celery!  Very fragrant, Ruffled, DOUBLE SUBSTANCE!!!  Have never lost a plant.  It will Sell-out Quickly. Pod & Pollen Fertile.  The photo of No Words was taken at 5pm in the afternoon after being in the hot sun all day and the sprinklers hitting it.  This is what I mean by double substance.