Radiant Red Eyes, Daylily
Radiant Red Eyes, Daylily

*Radiant Red Eyes

*RADIANT RED EYES – Pierce G.  3193-a (Raspberry Mountain x Tet Waxen Splendor) x (Crimson Bullseye x Tet Rose F. Kennedy) SEV, EM, 42” high, 7” flower, 12 way branching, 60-80 buds.

Ever since I discovered intense GREEN throats, I have Gone Wild.  I have gotten them Bigger, Greener, Better!  And I believe have changed the world.  I have made this “Red Eye Look” OVER 40,000 times.  And I have gotten Magic, MAGIC Faces – But… It is hard work making things “This Much” Better.  ***LOOK AT THESE STATS!!!

Imagine little Raspberry Mountain Tetrified / Glorified / Pierceafied…  My new word.  And it works…

Strawberry pink white base, HEAVY diamond dusted red eye, deep green glowing throat, red picotee, fragrant.  *The Ultimate Hem!  Easy Pod &Pollen Fertile. Perfection…