Rollercoaster Rush, Daylily
*Rollercoaster Rush

 *Rollercoaster Rush  (Pierce G.) TET 9315 ((Mountain Wildflower x Sdlg) x Fringy)  44” 6.5” flower, EV emo EMre,  8-way branching with 45-50 buds.  Arching Foliage.

This is one big showy flower on tall wonderfully branched scapes, looking all the while like a 7”or larger bloom!   The large double edged flowers sit high above the low arching foliage and make for in instant attraction.  Blooms on Rollercoaster Rush are solid with heavy edging of ruffles and spikes.  No hanging.  I have taken Rollercoaster Rush to both big edges to increase scape height and to patterns with great success and will await yet another year’s crop of new seedlings next spring.  Like all the flowers I introduce this flower is absolutely consistent from first bloom to the last, and is one that looks much better in person   I hope you’ll love it as I do.  Fertile both ways.