Roman Steel, Daylily

*Roman Steel

*Roman Steel (Pierce G.)  1451-B (Cutting Loose X Magical Marrakech) X Sib to Buffalo Thunder) TET SEV EE 30” 7” flower, 6 way branching, 35-40 buds.

This is easily one of my finest daylilies, well admired by Matthew Kaskell along with Bluegrass Shadows, which at the time were side by side when Matthew visited.  I have bloomed well over a hundred thousand purple seedlings and rarely does a daylily have the presence of Roman Steel.  I cannot tell you everything in words just that she sings with style!!!  The rich purple petals have dark purple veining throughout and are outlined in a strong ruffled white edge.  Inside the edge is a bluish silver shadow that matches the large watermark above the green throat.  Honestly Roman Steel looks 3-D to me and is one of the heaviest flowers I grow.   I have not been able to truly capture the lure of this daylily in a photo, though every pic could be a cover shot; and I will not use magnifying lenses!  Anyway, this flower takes my breath away and I will be continuing to use Roman Steel for some time.  Easily fertile both ways, with great success.  Very heavy substance.  This is a daylily that I would like to see win the Stout Medal someday.  Easily fertile both ways.  Enjoy…