Rose Sensation
*Rose Sensation

*ROSE SENSATION (Stamile, P.) TET  7150 – B  [(Sdlg x Cerise Masterpiece) x White Base] 36” Emre. EV. Fr. 6 ¾” 5 way branching, 30-35 buds.

    Wow!  I can still remember where so many winning seedlings first bloomed in their seedling beds; even as far back as Hawaii and “Hawaiian Nights”. Such is the case with Rosen Sensation.  It was my second year at Floyd Cove and there were so many keepers in this cross I wanted to flag them all, but Pat said” Just keep the BEST ones, NO A minuses.”  I love this flower, from the pure clear color of rose pink, with just a hint of lavender, to the big white edging on these large blooms.  First flowers measure 7” and as the blooming continues the wide white edging begins to take on duel colors, with bright gold overlying the outer edges of white.  It is – Rose Sensastion.  Fertile both ways.