Ruby Ridge
*Ruby Ridge

* RUBY RIDGE (Stamile, P. - Pierce) TET 761 A {(Born to Run x sdlg) x Big Red Wagon} 30” EMRe, Fr. , EV. 6.5” 5 way branching, 30 buds. This is one lovely daylily, and easily one of the best big reds we have introduced to date. RUBY RIDGE is a big flower with so much going for her. Bright clear color of true ruby red with a dark green throat. Wide, and very ruffled petals especially for a red! And how about that strong white edging, which also sports little white teeth! I have never seen RUBY RIDGE hang up, and it is always wide open even on cold mornings. If you are breeding for better reds, this and WATERMELON MARTINI are what you have been looking for. Fertile both ways.