Sarah Starchak, Daylily
Sarah Starchak, the person

*Sarah Starchak

*SARAH STARCHAK (Pierce, G.)  P9262  ((Quartz Rainbow x Diamond Silk) x Unknown) EV  EE  35” 8” flower, 8 way branching, 50 buds. I finally have enough stock to release this HUGE pink & green daylily.  I’m excited!  This massive flower is as close to perfect as any I have grown during the last 25 years in relation to modern qualities.  It can be hard writing descriptions as they are ALL my favorites or they would not be introduced.    First, the photo does nothing to capture the actual sight of this amazing daylily.    SARAH STARCHAK is named for the young lady who assists me in pollinating, and is also Sonya’s daughter.  The flowers petals are entirely diamond dusted in either clear pink blushed orchid or green.  The nearly 5” wide petals are VERY heavily ruffled and do not hang even though the angel wings are the largest at Floyd Cove!  Sarah’s heart is dark green spilling out onto the chartreuse green watermark matching the chartreuse ruffled edge.  The blossom is very heavy in substance and weight and is held to perfection on a thick sensational scape.  Like Red Bull not a fast increaser probably due to all the energy it takes to make those big flowers and scapes, but she blooms from EE till past Sept.  Also approximately 50% of the time Sarah blooms as a poly 4x4.  I have less than 100 fans to introduce so she is beyond limited.  You will absolutely not want to take your eyes off this flower. Fertile both ways.