Say Can You See, Daylily

*Say Can You See

*Say Can You See (Pierce G.) 1315-AA (Blue Jay Tapestry x Tet Colorful Etchings)  TET EV EM 30” 5.75” flower, 6 way branching, 35-40 buds.

If you liked Blue Jay Tapestry you will love Say Can You See at almost twice the size without losing the color intensity.  I saved OVER 27 keepers from this cross, and boy it was hard to discard the rest.  The only peace I had was knowing there were 27 great ones.  No Complaints!  The blooms look much larger than the registered size as the petal edges role back.  The colors of Say Can You See are raspberry red etched around a large blue violet eye pattern on nearly pure white petals.  Say Can You See looks just like the photo, and I especially like the green throat.  I hope you enjoy this beautiful patterned daylily.  Fertile both ways.