Shamrock Dew
*Shamrock Dew

*SHAMROCK DEW (Stamile, P.) TET 521 (First Twilight X Dream Runner) 32” EERe. emo, ext. no fr. Ev. 6.75” x 4” x 2.75”. 6-way branching (3 lateral branches plus terminal “w” branches). 30-40 buds.

            To paraphrase the US Postal Service, “Neither morning cold, nor blazing sun, nor pelting rain” will stop SHAMROCK DEW. It seems to love cold mornings which can be devastating to some daylilies but it also loves the heat where the ruffled edges sparkle green and the pink and cream highlights glisten in this incredible polychrome.  Even at the end of the day after heavy rains and then hot sun SHAMROCK DEW looks as fresh as it did when it opened.

            Guy thinks this is the absolute finest daylily he has ever seen. I will let others make that choice. Certainly this is one of the finest polychromes I have done. It doesn’t hurt that the deeply fimbriated chartreuse edge picks up the deep green of the throat.

            A wonderful breeder for green edges on cream and near white flowers. It also breeds for large size and heavy substance blooms. Fertile both ways. A great one.   LIMITED