Shimmering Dawn, Daylily

*Shimmering Dawn

*Shimmering Dawn (Pierce G.)  184-C (Angels Gather Around X Fringy) X Sib to Fancy Lace) TET SEV EM 40” 6.5” flower, 9 way branching, 60-70 buds.

I could fill up the page with comments on this tremendously fine near white daylily, but it’s the edge and stats that are the real winners.  Base color is cream white with a dash of pink unlike the usual yellow.  This makes the yellow gold edge pop ever so more beautifully.  Shimmering Dawn has not only been by far my best breeder in this color class but after blooming thousands of the best edged white seedlings for years…  to see only seedling beds of nines & tens,      -Wow- there she was; an Eleven!   Let me tell you it’s not easy having a winner genetically jump the fence as I like to say, and then next year being clever enough to come up with something Better…
Nothing comes close to the thick bubbly edge on Shimmering Dawn.  At over ½” thick there is; No hanging, water spotting, nothing but elegance and style.  You’ll see…  As a parent, this year I took Shimmering Dawn to outcross colors in desperation due to the lack of other big edges with plant habit, and let me tell you I stood back cross after cross and was delighted in how well she worked.  First I saw the winning flowers and form, and then the signature scape!
Fertile both ways but… very limited.