Smile-n-dales, Daylily


*Smile-n-dales (Pierce G.)  1181-V ((Blue Beat x Tet. Texas Kaleidoscope) x Tet. Colorful Etchings) TET EV EMRE 55” 5.75” flower, 5 way branching, 30-35 Buds.

I love it when daylilies are smiling…  Another large pattern with a near blue eye from Tetra Colorful Etchings.  This intriguing new daylily is not only a very different combination of colors, but has an amazing flower scape too.  The towering bluish patterns have wide overlapping petals with no canoeing.  Petal edges are circled in jagged white outside raspberry and blue.  Gorgeous!   Blooms on SMILE-N-DALES show velvety fuchsia pink petals in full sun. Fertile both ways.