Smiling Cobra, Daylily

*Smiling Cobra

*SMILING COBRA (Pierce G.) 293-C (Emerald Prism x Tet Rose F. Kennedy) TET SEV EMRE 40” 10.75” flower, 6way branching, 40 buds.

You’ve gotta love it when your Cobra is smiling.  OK, this is the first, and certainly one of the best Tetra Rose F Kennedy introductions.  Keep in mind my conversion is very fertile, and sets pods so I luckily have bloomed tens of thousands of new kids every year now for some 4 years.  What that means I am selecting the best, from the best, etc. and it’s all about the green.  If it’s not REALLY GREEN it gets tossed.  So I give to you SMILING COBRA.  Large, tall, and branched like a tree – Even fragrant!  SMILING COBRA is fertile both ways and sets pods.  My plants have not been baped and so will not be pod sterile.  Very, Very Limited.