Snow Crystal
*Snow Crystal

*SNOW CRYSTAL (Stamile,P.) TET 57-G {[(Ballerina On Ice X Key Lime Ice) x Dream Runner] X Alpine Ruffles} 30” ERe. Emo. Nofr. Ev. 5 ½” x 3 3/8’ x 2 1/8”. 7-way branching (5 laterals plus terminal Y). 55 buds.

    SNOW CRYSTAL is an evolutionary improvement in size and color over its parent ALPINE RUFFLES. Because of its color this was the hybridizers’ number one pick for white in the garden.

    Despite have the pastel DREAM RUNNER in its pedigree SNOW CRYSTAL best continues our tradition of white daylilies. While there is still some pink and cream in the flower in the morning – at the end of the day SNOW CRYSTAL is both very white and a gorgeous daylily. Fertile both ways.