Starry Starry Night, Daylily

*Starry Starry Night

*Starry Starry Night (Pierce G.)  2009-E (Fantasy Fringe X Mystic Image) X Born to be Wild)  TET EV EE 38”  7.75-8.25” flower, 8 way branching, 50-55 buds.

Karen has always liked loved daylily.  Personally I prefer Going Big Time, but each to their own, and it certainly has its own style.  In one word, Bold would describe Starry Starry Night, with a kind of scary Halloween look with a near black eye and edge.  Maybe it should be named Scarry Scarry Night.  Boo!   On the first few blooms the picottee edge is just that, then the petal edges on Starry Starry Night are all double edged, and of course the rebloom too.  Probably due to the cold in early March here, but she is still very large and full!  This is a Big, Big daylily with a flat, very ruffled face on big hulky scapes.      Easily fertile both ways throwing big scary kids.