Stenciled Infusion, Daylily

*Stenciled Infusion

*STENCILED INFUSION (Pierce G.) 1325 (Sdlg x Tet Colorful Etchings)  SEV EM 30” 6.25” flower, 8 way branching, 40 buds

If you like green in your daylilies you’ll love STENCILLED INFUSION as the dark green heart radiates out into the white watermark infusing it in green.  Much greener in person this has and continues to be a stellar breeder.  The matching double picotee truly sets STENCILLED INFUSION off.  The buds and branching aren’t too shabby either.  I love it!  Fertile both ways.

Another day, taken in brighter lighting and closer view of the flower showing the powder lavender-blue edge highlighted by the stenciled picotee.
Stencile Infusion