Sunset Strip, Daylily
*Sunset Strip

*Sunset Strip  (Pierce G.)  TET 987 (Sldg 722 x (Magnificent Magpie x Magical Marrakech))  36”  7.25” flower, EV emo Ere, 5-way branching with 30 buds.  Arching Foliage.

This flower is easy to describe in that she is an intense cerise red with a HUGE ruffled gold edge.   Always perfect, always consistent, always looking just like the photo which was taken in early April.   At over 7” and with extremely heavy ruffling, I have never seen Sunset Strip hang, which is one of the biggest obstacle with today’s Big Edges.  This is the #1 reason for pulling the flag on my big keeper seedlings.  Once I can handle, twice and I won’t put it into my lines.

The cruelty of selection.   I have been able to put this flat face and big edge on my reds giving them a completely different look.  On rebloom the already big edge becomes even larger and turns intense chartreuse.  Even the sepals take on this color – Every bloom, every sepal ½” wide chartreuse edge!   Sunset Strip a daylily that always takes my breath, and she has essentially three looks.  Beautiful – Wonderful – and absolutely Wow!  Fertile both ways. Limited.