Sweet Cotton Candy, Daylily

*Sweet Cotton Candy

*SWEET COTTON CANDY (Pierce G)  9157  (Emerald Bay x Tet Royal Pink Twist) x (Priscilla’s Smile x Rose Sensation)  SEV  EE  32” 6.5 flower, 8 way branching  45 buds

Oh My!  SWEET COTTON CANDY has the largest, widest green edge period! I had days I measured the green edge at 1 ¼”.  This was the best keeper from a fertile and long cross.  This beauty begins blooming quite early here, and does not hang up even with the huge angle wings.  SWEET COTTON CANDY is connoisseur’s daylily, you will hardly be able to await her blooms, as the buds prior to opening are busting-loose in green ruffles!!!  Easily fertile both ways.