The Big Picture, Daylily
*The Big Picture

*THE BIG PICTURE (Pierce, G)  TET 9988-A  (unknown x unknown)  29”, 7.25” flower, EV, emo, Ere,  6 way branching with 35 buds .Low arching foliage.

THE BIG PICTURE has a very large bloom of clear rose pink, 100% diamond dusted with probably the most ruffled edge of any pink daylily at Floyd Cove.  With so many pink daylilies on the market what makes THE BIG PICTURE stand out - besides her large size and big ruffled gold edge - are the wild angel wings that do not hand up.  This is a startler of a flower and come again next season I will again be making as many seed as I can, and… get to see the kids from Jurassic Pink.  With no tan in the lovely rose pink color you just may call this your favorite pink daylily.  Fertile both ways.