The Dark Side
*The Dark Side

*THE DARK SIDE (Stamile, P.) TET 6310–B (Space Warp x Tet Peppermint Delight)  30” EMre. Ev.  Fr. 5 ¾”  4 way branching, 25 buds.

    Like them to stop traffic?  Floyd Cove has eyed and edged daylilies everywhere, and in today’s “been there, done that” marketplace a new introduction MUST have pizzazz!   Every time I walk by I must take another look, there is just something about this flower that needs a longer stare.  The black picotee seems to be stitched into the petal edging, and there is a pattern effect outside of the emerald green throat.  Very sun fast for such a dark color and a flower that is always open flat, even on the coldest nights.  Like nothing else.  Fertile both ways.