The Terminator

*THE TERMINATOR (Stamile,P.) TET 2330 {Larry Miller X [(Musical Medley x Seize The Night) x Chartered Course]} 32” MRe. Ev. emo. 7½” x 3 5/8” x 2 1/8”. 4-way branching. (2 laterals + terminal “Y”) 25 buds.

    GARY COLBY and THE TERMINATOR separated at birth? Well, there is somewhat of a California connection. Both are from purple breeding. GARY COLBY is from JOHN PEAT and THE TERMINATOR is from LARRY MILLER. What gives? What happened to the purple? Both have 1” gold edges and both are a kind of a copper rose with hints of lavender. Oh, and both are 7” in size with THE TERMINATOR even slightly larger. There are so many similarities that I decided to show both flowers together to show there are significant differences, as well. GARY COLBY is rounder, more rose with stronger white midribs while THE TERMINATOR is slightly larger, more triangular and with a bias more towards the lavender.

    Plant habit and substance are both very good. If you are looking to put an edge on a daylily you need to look no further than this “king of the edge makers. Fertile both ways.