Trigger Happy
*Trigger Happy

*TRIGGER HAPPY (Stamile, P., - Pierce, G.)  TET 8178  (Madly Red x Complimentary Colors) x Big Red Wagon  31” E Re Fr emo SEV 5 ¾” 6 way branching, 35-40 buds.    A brilliant true red with a definite fiery appearance.  The garden name was “pants on fire”, but I waited to long to register it. 'TRIGGER HAPPY' is a semi-evergreen here, and I suspect since so many of the 'Big Red Wagon' kids are dormant that it will go dormant further north.  Ruffled, with a prominent cream gold edge.  'TRIGGER HAPPY' is like a beacon in the garden, and a wonderful addition to our early, gold edged red daylilies.  Fertile both ways.