Venitian Ruffles, Daylily

*Venitian Ruffles

*Venetian Ruffles (Pierce G.)  183-A (Midnight Amulet X Fringy) TET EV EM 35” 6.5” 5 way branching, 35 buds.

A different coloration to our line of double edged daylilies, Venetian Ruffles is quite ruffled with a base color of orchid pink with ruffled petal edges in both plum purple and 24 carat gold.  Venetian Ruffles has no problem opening even though she often has big looping angel wings with no hanging, it’s a wild look and like nothing else.  I thought I had an image in my file but as I write this she is already lined-out.  This flower is ridiculously easy as a pod parent and will put double edges on whatever you take her too.  Have fun.  Fertile both ways.