Very Berry Candy
*Very Berry Candy

* VERY BERRY CANDY (Stamile, P.) TET 6405 E [(Rock Solid x Zahadoom) x {Rock Solid x (Glacial Bay x Tet, Siloam Ralph Henry)} x Cherry Valentine] 32” EM Re, Fr, SEV, 5.5” 6 way branching, 40 buds.
The blooms of VERY BERRY CANDY have rich clean purple petals, with very dark plum purple eyes, and double edges. The dark plum picotte is outlined in silver white, with a cool green throat. A beautiful and bold bloom which has tremendous buds and branching, low arching foliage with the ability to put up an immediate rebloom scape of equal dimensions, while the first scape is about half way through! Fertile both ways.