Viva Las Vegas, Daylily

*Viva Las Vegas

*Viva Las Vegas (Pierce G.)  1415-N (TriColor X Tet Texas Kaleidoscope)  TET EV EM 42”  6” flower 5 way branching 35 buds.

I remember when I first set my eyes on this wild seedling.  I was so sick of seeing dull dirty Tet Texas Kaleidoscope kid’s bed after bed, and then Boom… there she was.  The first thing that caught my eye was the intensity of the green throat, and then the bluish patterns pulled out onto the sepals.  I stood back to re-adjust my eyes, made sure it had my (7) standards and then when it did - in went the blue flag!  Viva Las Vegas looks exactly like the photo from first bloom to last and is not effected by temperature.  When the temps get up in the 90’s Viva Las Vegas will begin occasionally doubling, or having blooms with extra petals and bits, I love it.  Extremely heavy substance for any daylily, and I have a photo of her after a 12 noon pounding rain.  Almost everything was wet tissue except for the clumps of Viva Las Vegas.  We definitely hit the jackpot on this one.  And by the way kids of Viva Las Vegas are clean in color!  Fertile both ways.