Vivacious Spirit
*Vivacious Spirit

*VIVACIOUS SPIRIT (Pierce)  TET 8264-A (Elegant Universe x Priscilla’s Smile)  35” EM Re Fr emo Ev 6 ½” 4 way branching, 30 buds.   This was the only hot pink to come out of 'Priscilla’s Smile', as most of the keepers were shades of lavender.   An exceptionally clean shade of hot pink, like a candy cane.  The strong yellow-green ruffled edge is one of the best I have seen; and I have several future intros with big chartreuse edges on purple and red flowers.  You can see 'VIVACIOUS SPIRIT' from across the garden and your eyes go quickly to the light green edge.  Absolutely sweet!  Easy pods.  Fertile both ways.