Watermelon Martini
*Watermelon Martini

* WATERMELON MARTINI (Shown on Cover) (Stamile, P. - Pierce) TET 8176 A {(Born to Run x sdlg) x Big Red Wagon} 36” EMRe, FR. 6.5” 5 way branching, 35 buds. The large and intense edge on WATERMELON MARTINI has the most marvelous cream coloration with a chartreuse tinge to it. I would not say it has a green edge, but there is certainly a shade of green there, and has the genes for it as many of the sibs had the green edging but did not have the overall flower form and superb plant habit as WATERMELON MARTINI. The color is just like the picture, red with a watermelon glow melding mainly in the diamond dusting. Very large green throat showing spectacularly when seen in a clump. Fertile both ways.