Watermelon Red, Daylily
*Watermelon Red

*WATERMELON RED  (Stamile-Pierce)  TET 8178-C  ((Madly Red x Complementary Colors) x Big Red Wagon)  32”, 7.25” flower, EV, emo, Mre, 4 way branching with 28 buds.  Low arching foliage.

 This large watermelon red is nicely ruffled with a large pink watermark and gold edge above a large grass green throat.  Similar to Watermelon Martini this lovely red overlaid with watermelon diamond dusting is always impressive with its big flat face and large presence.  Easily fertile I await her many seedlings this coming spring from Tetra Rose F. Kennedy.  Big and showy, I have a lower price on WATERMELLON RED  as she is such a fast multiplier.   Fertile both ways.