Xylophone Jazz
*Xylophone Jazz

*XYLOPHONE JAZZ (Stamile, P., - Pierce, G.)  TET 7222-A  (Precious Candy x Bluegrass Music)  30” E Re Fr emo Ev 5 ¼”  5 way branching 30 buds.    This has been one of the most admired flowers in the garden.  Unique, and one of our finest patterns to date.  'XYLOPHONE JAZZ' has a light orchid base with a soft yet distinctive eye pattern and a matching triple edge of raspberry, lavender, and ruffled gold.  Subhana, this is the flower you have been waiting for.   'XYLOPHONE JAZZ' has been an incredible parent for passing on this pattern and you will see her in many future introductions.  Special!  Fertile both ways.