BLUE FLIRT  (Stamile,G.) diploid  D99-1A  (Little Sensation x  D94-11)  18” EMRe. no fr. emo. Sev. 2 7/8”.     2-3 way branching.  16 buds.  BLUE FLIRT is a continuation of Grace’s exploration of the blues eyes, patterns and white faces.  It is a beautiful mauve with nuances of lavender washed over the mauve.  Veins of deep mauve lavender radiate out from the triangular eye.  The eye itself is composed of a deep mauve lavender band which shades to orchid, then lavender, then steel blue with overtones of gray and then blends to charcoal before the grass green throat.  A visitor favorite and a favorite of Grace’s, BLUE FLIRT seems to delight everyone.  A truly fine miniature daylily.  Easily fertile both ways……………………………..$50.00