Broadway Legend
*Broadway Legend

*BROADWAY LEGEND (Stamile,G.) TET T56A [(Broadway Showgirl x T20233) X Tetra Siloam Artwork] 18” ERe. SEv. 2.875”. 4-5 way branching. 24-26 buds.
    BROADWAY LEGEND is an amazing flower. Even though it is from patterned blue eyed breeding it came out a pink wash over yellow with a subtle watermark and green throat. It really looks like a miniature SILOAM APPLE BLOSSOM and very unlike any other miniature small flowered tetraploid.
    BROADWAY LEGEND is not only very round and circular but the flowers open right from the throat to give a nice flat face even when the temperatures of the early season are cool. The substance is excellent.  Both petals and sepals are proportionately very wide in relation to the size of the flower. Not noticeable because of the wide petals is that the flower is a bicolor with the washed pink petals and cream sepals. Charming. Fertile both ways.