IDDY BIDDY GAL (Stamile,G, 1999) Diploid     D95-23G (Bubbly x You Angel You)  12” MRe. Sev. 2 1/2”.  20 buds.  IDDY BIDDY GAL is part of Grace’s popcorn double series.  This 2 1/2” double sets a new standard for small doubles.  The color is a coral pink blend with a  lighter edge.  There is no garden too small that can’t grow one of these true dwarf minis.  Of course, every display garden should have at least one of these truly unique mini doubles as a class in themselves.  Whether in a pot on the window sill or the patio or in a ½ acre garden, IDDY BIDDY GAL will please and delight you. Easily fertile both ways.  In very short supply.……………………$50.00