LITTLE DAMSEL (Stamile, G.) diploid D20-8C (Little Wildflower X Sdlg D96-1K) 15” EMRe. SEv.     2 ½”  4-way branching. 20-22 buds. 100% double.  Registered as an EM with 20-22 buds this year, it has bloomed in previous years as an early with over 40 buds! That’s daylilies. They can often surprise you on the upside or downside.  LITTLE DAMSEL has been one of my personal favorites ever since it first bloomed. It just does not look like a daylily. This polytepal double has no resemblance of the usual six petals, six sepals with petaloids or double perianth layers. I do not know what flower it resembles – perhaps a double marigold or double clematis, but certainly not a daylily. Each little flower makes a bouquet and is gorgeous. This is an exciting addition to the world of daylilies. Fertile both ways.