*LITTLE SUNCATCHER (Stamile,G.)  diploid D201-2  [(D99-48  x Little Whipper Snapper) X Cute As A Button] 12” EMRe. Sev. no.fr. emo. 2¾”.  4-way branching. 20 buds. 100% double. With LITTLE SUNCATCHER Grace extends the palette of colors in her popcorn doubles program to butter yellow. This charming little flower is the perfect companion for LITTLE ROSIE O’GRADY. Both bloom side by side in the garden and are truly remarkable for their consistency. LITTLE SUNCATCHER provides a sea of little yellow blooms.  Like LITTLE ROSIE O’GRADY,
LITTLE SUNCATCHER  has low, fine and tiny arched foliage,  giving it the appearance of flowering grass. What is especially nice in the landscape with both LITTLE ROSIE O’GRADY and LITTLE SUNCATCHER  is that while both are pod and pollen fertile, neither will set bee pods. This eliminates that messy task of removing unwanted pods that drop seeds and seedlings into the landscape. A beauty……….$50.00