NANO  PROBE (Stamile,G.) diploid D201-59  [{(Little Wildflower x Roswitha) x [(Bubbly x You Angel You) x You Angel You]} X Cute As Can Be]  18” EMRe. nofr. sev.  2½”  flower.  5-way branching. 40 buds. 100% double for us.
    Yes, Grace is a STAR TREK fan and “nano probes” are tiny probes that travel in the blood stream.  This NANO PROBE travels in the garden.  This smoky rose-mauve double has one of the neatest doubling, a cross between petaloid doubling and hose in hose doubling that gives it a carnation look like TROPICAL DELIGHT.  This makes it especially beautiful. Combine it with a stunning plant with 5-way branching and 40 buds and you have a truly great daylily. Fertile both ways. $50.00