*ROSES AND GOLD (Stamile,P) TET 2229-A [(Lake Effect x Be Thine) X Songwriter] 30 EMRe. no. fr. emo. Ev. 6 x 3 5/8 x 2 ½. 7-8 way branching (6 + Y) 40-45 buds. This beautiful deep rose with ruffled gold edges has been my entree into purples and especially reds with gold edges. While CERISE MASTERPIECE tends to give size and white edges to the reds, ROSES AND GOLD gave superb plant habit and gold edges to everything. It really has been one of our most fabulous breeders and in a class with CHARTERED COURSE for the number of keepers it produces.
     A combination of a fabulous garden flower with a hybridizers masterwork, ROSES AND GOLD will be a grand player in the world of daylilies for years to come. Easily fertile both ways